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Multi Seed Oatmeal Biscuits 100g

Multi Seed Oatmeal Biscuits 100g


Hand made in small batches this savoury biscuit has pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds. Beautifully wrapped biscuit and ideal with any types of cheese. 


INGREDIENTS: Wholemeal wheat flour, butter (milk), oatmeal (gluten), sugar, milk, mustard powder, baking powder, pumpkin, sunflower, golden linseed and sesame seeds.  This product may contain nuts. 

  • Allergen Information

    This product contains the following ingredients:

    Gluten, Wheat, Milk 

    This product may contain nuts. We create products with peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs and wheat. While we take steps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are safe to consumer for people with peanut, tree nut, soy, milk, egg or wheat allergies. For specific enquiries, please contact us in person. 

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